Kiseki’s Latest Developments and Future Vision.

5 min readJan 5, 2024

I believe that as the founder of the Kiseki movement, it is pertinent for me to dwell a bit on the vision of a memecoin in general and how I see Kiseki. Memecoins are more than just memes where people post without thinking, seeking only to satisfy an insatiable thirst for hype and crazy price action. They are community coins, where the quality of the community determines the quality of the memecoin. A good memecoin is backed by a community that enjoys spending time together, seeks to make new acquaintances, engages in relevant discussions, and sometimes, discussions that make no sense.
Everyone has a role to play, no one is above anyone else, and any initiative taken by a community member can have a striking impact on the future of a memecoin.

Community is everything, Baba is just a member like you!

Understanding this is understanding that Kiseki belongs to you.
I started the movement, but it is up to each of us collectively to take it as far as possible. Baba needs your help. We can already see the number of threads that many members post daily. I have received many messages and discussions with several members about concrete actions we could take. This is a phenomenon I want to highlight because I believe it is what makes the difference between a community coin and a shitcoin.

Kiseki has been presented as a Trojan horse from the beginning. Indeed, there is nothing more effective than a memecoin to attract and build a community. The visible part has been presented to you as a memecoin while hidden inside is something else, Dyorbox.


If you think Dyorbox is an idea created hastily to implement false utility to a memecoin, let me tell you that you are on the wrong path.

I have evidence in a discussion I had with Alex a year ago about Dyorbox. I have been thinking about this project for years and waiting for the right time to execute it. I know exactly where I want to go and how to go about it. Dyorbox is the hub of Cardano, everything you need in one place. A complementary tool to Tappy, which we will evolve over time.

Kiseki is more than a meme, it is part of an ecosystem that is gradually being built. I see a winning combo with the components:
AI + Meme + Web3.

After several discussions, a more than legitimate question has often come up: how will Dyorbox benefit Kiseki?

The goal of Dyorbox is to position itself as an indispensable place for Cardano.
Do you want to be informed about what is happening on the blockchain? Dyorbox.
Do you want to know the latest crypto news? Dyorbox.
Do you want information about a project you vaguely heard about? Dyorbox.
Do you want to buy your token? Dyorbox.
Don’t know who to ask your questions to? Dyorbox (via Kisekichat)

Once our mission is successful, we will start generating revenue. These revenues will be partially redistributed to Kiseki holders through staking.

For those who think the Cardano community is too limited to generate cash through ads, you must understand that Dyorbox’s ambition is cross-chain, and the need for information from investors is omnipresent.

What’s coming next?

  • A group for OGS and AI enthusiasts to discuss how to lead the community.
  • Space soon with our public speaker LEK.
  • A beta version of Dyorbox (V1) will be released at the end of January with basic features (account creation, posting resources, token swapping).
  • V2, including AI fueled by content posted by the Dyorbox editorial team and project teams, should be released in early February.

What are we brainstorming right now to build the hype you are asking for?

  • How to organize community space almost every day to talk about crypto and just have fun.
  • How to improve our memes game with high-quality memes related to AI.
  • Gaming will be a strong narrative during the next bull run, what can we do to let the degens play some game in our ecosystem and add to our current combo GAMING.
  • NFTs with buyback and burn: Kiseki + 100% royalties dedicated to buyback and burn

I want everyone to take the time to read everything and discuss about it.

Let me use the matryoshka metaphor once again, in this world, everything is multilayered, something always hides something else.

When you are focused 100% on the price, you are looking for a pump & dump, and it’s not what we are neither what we are trying to build.

We want to build one if not the strongest community in Cardano. It will be hard, some may say impossible, but we are crazy enough to put all our efforts into this mission. To succeed, we need to attract the most talented people in our community. The first focus should be what are we doing all to attract more talents, to grow our expansion. Focus on the good thing, and the price will raise as a consequence.

You can’t focus on price first then expect a huge gains. When you have a great ambition, you need to realize that you will need time to build it.

I will create a special role called ‘Hype Force’ within the Discord, consisting of volunteers who wish to maintain high activity across various networks. I would like the community to take charge so that I can focus 100% on Dyorbox and deliver the best possible product to you.